Technology built to weather the storm.

The Telecommunications and Radomes Industry products need to be built to weather the storm– literally! Equipment that is constantly out in the open needs to be able to endure the elements. Rain, hail, snow, wind, and other environmental impacts all pose a threat to the functionality and well-being of precious, costly equipment. It is essential that the materials used to make this technology and equipment are corrosion-resistant and durable. Products must also be easy to lightweight and easy to install. Amalga provides custom solutions to address all of the crucial aspects of this industry.

Why composites?

5G is rolling out across the country, which requires the installation of 5G towers every 800 feet. These towers were traditionally manufactured using steel which is both costly and heavy. Because it is heavy, the installation process took time and a lot of manpower. Our carbon fiber solution replaced steel as a lightweight, much more durable alternative. Not only does that save precious time and manpower, but it is also far superior to steel in withstanding time and the elements.

Why Amalga?

Due to Amalga’s long-standing experience with composites and our extensive, available stock, we have the capacity to work with you to swiftly create a customized solution for any challenges you may encounter with the development of your Telecom/ Radomes product.

Case Studies

Amalga is all about custom solutions– let’s start the process of making custom solutions for you!