Deep sea solutions to combat salt water corrosion and extreme pressures

Our technology is used to create underwater hulls for deep sea exploration, and military operations. The sea, especially deep sea, is a harsh environment, which means everything we produce must be able to withstand extreme pressures, and incredibly corrosive environments. They must also be lightweight so that energy can be conserved. Additionally, it is important that a product can be made buoyant for its lengthy travels under the water. Amalga is able to address all of these factors and more, as we provide custom solutions for all of our customers.

Why composites?

Steel and aluminum are both highly corrosive, heavy and costly to manufacture. Composites give us the ability to create lightweight, custom solutions that are naturally corrosion-resistant and able to withstand 5x the pressure of steel or aluminum. Composites are naturally more buoyant, and lightweight which is incredibly important as it saves energy upon retrieval when an underwater hull has completed its voyage or is called to the surface for data retrieval.

Why Amalga?

At Amalga Composites, we are proud to have built a strong reputation for excellence in this industry. Our products are durable, lightweight, strong, and able to withstand immense pressure. Our customers are focused not only on cost-saving solutions but on creating products that reduce energy consumption. We are equally committed to this goal and work with our clients to create custom-solutions to overcome challenges and increase efficiency in sub sea exploration and military operations. Due to Amalga’s long standing experience with composites and our extensive, available stock, we have the capacity to work with you to swiftly create a customized solution to solve any challenges you may encounter with the development of your Sub Sea product.

Case Studies

Sub Sea

The G3 Slocum Glider uses Amalga Composite hull. The technology used to create the hull is reliable, lightweight and exactly what was needed to accomplish sub sea research expeditions.

Amalga is all about custom solutions– let’s start the process of making custom solutions for you!