Case Study - Automotive

Amalga’s Superior Tubing Improves Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft Manufacturing to Enhance Vehicle Performance

Client: Composite Drivelines


Composite Drivelines is the sister company to Amalga Composites. Composite engineers, designs, and develops metal end components that allow their customers to assemble drive shafts for whichever application is necessary for their business. However, Composite needed a way to simplify and hasten the assembly process, while maintaining standards of safety and reliability. Steel driveshafts are heavy and dangerous when they fail. And they do fail, especially when they are used in high-performance vehicles, such as the ones that Composite’s customers have a focus on.

The Amalga Solution:

Carbon composite drive shafts aren’t for everyone; they are designed to enhance the performance of a vehicle - to either drive faster, or handle rough terrain. Amalga Composites offers an alternative to a steel or aluminum drive shaft that is 5x stronger than steel, and will shred like a broom upon failure, protecting the vehicle and the driver.


“I have been involved in the Driveline Industry for many years. I have seen a lot of changes with products from various companies, such as Composite Drivelines, Neapco, Spicer, Meritor, and others over the years.

But now the last 4 years, one of the biggest changes for decades involving driveline assemblies, is the use of carbon fiber tubing from Amalga Composites.

The Amalga Composites carbon fiber tubing is the highest quality, in strength, durability, engineering and chemical makeup.

Historically driveline assemblies were made of steel or aluminum tubing. Today the Amalga Composites carbon fiber tubing is used in driveline assembly applications, involving automotive, truck, off road, race vehicles, marine, agriculture, and industrial.

I work with Driveline Technicians across the country. The ones that are using carbon fiber tubing claim that the material from Amalga Composites is superior. They like the way it cuts smoothly, the way the end fittings fit into the tubing, the durability they have experienced, the actual appearance, and the overall quality.

These Technicians also comment on how the engineering and tech support from Amalga is the best of any of their driveline tubing and component suppliers.”

- Kerry Poulos, Composite Drivelines