Case Study - Telecom/Radomes

Amalga’s Carbon Fiber Tow and Mat Improved Cost and Installation for Revolutionary Cell Tower Technology

Client: EasyStreet


EasyStreet Systems is a company that implements small cell infrastructure with less time and money. The issue that EasyStreet encountered was that cell towers can be incredibly heavy. This makes installation costly as they are difficult to transport, and require several people during the process, including civil engineers, which amplifies the cost. They are placed every 800 feet, so the cost of a traditional steel tower, when installed, is prohibitive. Because these towers must withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, they must also be corrosion-resistant and extremely durable. EasyStreet turned to Amalga and our highly-customizable composites to solve this problem.

The Amalga Solution:

Using a combination of high-strength and stiff carbon fiber tow at varying wind angles and a layer of woven carbon fiber mat, Amalga engineered and designed 10- and 20-foot pole sections for EasyStreet. Amalga also engineered and designed a base plate assembly to mount the pole to the foundation at the installation site, as well as a splicing system to create poles of various lengths, and a mounting system to attach the 5G antenna assembly. The finished product is an extremely lightweight cell tower which requires only 2 people for installation.
The towers are also corrosion-resistant, durable, and 5 times stronger than steel.


The Amalga Composites solution allowed EasyStreet to create ultra-lightweight, strong as steel, better looking and longer lasting, small cell towers of the future! Each site installation takes only two hours with just a two-person crew, saving money, time, and manpower. Fully assembled, the towers can be installed as an all-in-one integrated solution including RF/power/backhaul & foundation, or as a stand-alone option. They offer easier permitting, less site disturbance, and lower transportation costs with reduced CO2 emissions. All leading to easier, faster, and longer-lasting small cell installation.