Case Study - Military/Launch Tubes

Amalga Fiberglass Launch Tubes Key Aspect of Predator Drone Development

Client: Systima Technologies


Systima Technologies is a leading manufacturer of energetic components and complex integrated systems supporting defense, space, and commercial markets. Systima had developed a composite launch tube system to be used to fire Hellfire missiles from a Predator drone. They realized that they needed a subcontractor to provide them with a fully machined fiberglass launch tube in production, as fiberglass tubes are lighter weight, and shred under pressure. Systima turned to Amalga and our customizable solutions to fulfill this need.

The Amalga Solution:

Amalga worked with Systima Technologies to design and procure the winding mandrels, develop the winding and curing schedules and to develop the machining techniques necessary to produce a high quality, consistent part in a high volume production environment. Most importantly, this part is now entirely designed and manufactured in the United States - which is of critical importance when working in defense systems.


Predator drones save American lives, and allow our defense to be one step ahead of the enemy. Hellfire missiles have been extremely effective in neutralizing threats, and these are all made possible because of Amalga fiberglass launch tubes.