Case Study - Oil and Gas

Amalga Composite Frac Plug Improves Reliability and Cost in Oil Drilling

Client: Tejas Research and Engineering


If a frac plug fails, it costs the company $100,000 per hour to fix the problem. Tejas Research and Engineering engineers, designs, manufactures and services oil and gas production and processing equipment. They cannot afford for frac plugs to fail, and sought out Amalga because they needed to develop a highly-effective, low-cost frac plug that would be reliable, and drill out faster than the competition, without leaving debris downhole.

The Amalga Solution:

Amalga and Tejas co-developed a composite frac plug utilizing each company’s expertise to produce a composite frac plug design which meets both the economic and performance requirements of the fracking industry. The frac plug, complete with hybrid composite/sintered metal slips drill out in less than seven minutes! It is also built to withstand extreme conditions so that they do not fail, saving both money and manpower.


Amalga frac plugs are now the most reliable in the industry, expertly engineered and designed to not fail! The collaboration between Tejas and Amalga was exemplary of a core value at Amalga - we work for our customers, and design custom solutions to help them succeed!