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At Amalga Composites, meeting your needs is the core of what we do and we’re dedicated to creating solutions so you can keep doing what you do, only better. 

Metal is expensive, corrosive, and prone to corrosion. You found us because you need something that is reliable, lightweight, longer lasting, and can be built to your specifications. We have over 50 years of experience creating custom composite filament winding solutions in multiple industries. Contact us now to start designing your solution (you’ll get an actual person, not a recording).

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Our doctoral-level engineering solves the toughest challenges with superior customer service that offers ongoing assistance from prototype through production.

Amalga Composites is one of the country’s largest independent filament winding operations. Our over 115,000 square-foot manufacturing facility is equipped with three 200×40 foot overhead crane bays, six production lines, three coating/painting areas and complete machining capabilities to provide customized, high-volume output for both domestic and international orders.

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Lightweight, durable, reliable, and customized to meet your specifications and exceed your expectations. Learn more about our patented products.

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Case Studies


Amalga’s Superior Tubing Improves Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft Manufacturing to Enhance Vehicle Performance

Composite Drivelines is the sister company to Amalga Composites. Composite engineers, designs, and develops metal end components that allow their customers to assemble drive shafts for whichever application is necessary for their business. However, Composite needed a way to simplify and hasten the assembly process, while maintaining standards of safety and reliability. Steel driveshafts are heavy and dangerous when they fail. And they do fail, especially when they are used in high-performance vehicles, such as the ones that Composite’s customers have a focus on.

Case Studies

Pneumatics/ Black Amalgon

Black Amalgon: Anti-Corrosion Composite Tubing Improves Performance for Pneumatic Actuators

QTRCO is a company whose goal is to manufacture actuators that do not encounter field service issues. In addition to their unique design and elimination of typical failure modes, QTRCO needed Amalga’s specialized composite tubing to achieve their goal. In specific, pneumatic cylinders present an engineering problem in nearly all applications. Steel has a relatively high friction point, and it is costly to hone it to reduce friction. This translates to a costly product, with sub-par durability. Corrosion and weight are also issues for QTRCO’s pneumatic actuators. In short: metal (steel, aluminum, etc) is not a valid option for performance and durability.

Case Studies

Military/Launch Tubes

Amalga Fiberglass Launch Tubes Key Aspect of Predator Drone Development

Systima Technologies is a leading manufacturer of energetic components and complex integrated systems supporting defense, space, and commercial markets. Systima had developed a composite launch tube system to be used to fire Hellfire missiles from a Predator drone. They realized that they needed a subcontractor to provide them with a fully machined fiberglass launch tube in production, as fiberglass tubes are lighter weight, and shred under pressure. Systima turned to Amalga and our customizable solutions to fulfill this need.