Reliable solutions that meet the highest standards

Failure is costly, and we understand that.

If one frac plug fails, it costs you in excess of $100,000 per hour. We understand that your time and money are valuable, and have created a product that can withstand pressure, corrosive environments, is lightweight, and cost-effective. Amalga’s tested technology has had a marked impact in frac plug production, leading to unmatched reliability.

Why composites?

Composites are strong, capable of withstanding the rigors of drilling and fracking. They are the most corrosion-resistant option, superior to steel and aluminum and reduce the rate of failure to almost zero, which saves you time and money. Composites are also lightweight enough to increase drilling speeds to improve output so that clients can maximize their production. In an industry with high standards of performance, Amalga’s composite tubing can be customized to fit the demanding needs of Oil and Gas operations.

Why Amalga?

18,000 PSI and 400 degrees

If you’re in the industry, you know a frac plug that can withstand 400 degrees and operate at 18,000 PSI for one hour is superior to anything on the market. At Amalga, this is our standard.

7 minute drill out time

It’s actually a bit less than 7 minutes, but who’s counting? We are, actually, because we know how important this is to save money and critical resources.

We can create custom solutions for frac plugs as well as deep sea stabilizers for deep sea oil exploration. Due to Amalga’s long standing experience with composites and our extensive, available stock, we have the capacity to work with you to swiftly create a customized solution to solve any challenges you may encounter with the development of your Oil and Gas product.

Case Studies

Amalga is all about custom solutions– let’s start the process of making custom solutions for you!