Lightweight, yet stronger and more resilient than steel

When providing weapons for military defense systems, it is vital that the equipment is of the highest quality, and manufactured in the United States. When constructing this equipment, a manufacturer must ensure that the technology, such as launch tubes, is robust enough to endure the intense operation conditions that it will be subjected to. This equipment needs to be sturdy, yet also lightweight in order to quicken and ease assembly processes. This industry is one that requires a high attention to detail to ensure the safety of the operators, and Amalga’s customized solutions are carefully designed to bring this high attention to detail to the forefront.

Why composites?

Why are composite solutions the best for Military/ Launch Tubes operations? The key is in the unique qualities that composite tubing has over traditional steel or other metal. The lightweight nature of Amalga’s custom carbon fiber for instance, makes it superior to steel when used for military applications due to the increased ease of product installation and assembly. Composite materials in general are quite strong, and are even up to 5x stronger than steel which makes them ideal for use in the development of launch tubes and weapons systems, in which durable equipment is in demand. Amalga’s custom tubing is the high-quality foundation for creating dependable military systems that defend lives.

Why Amalga?

We are American made, and proud of it. This is critical when considering a manufacturing partner for products used to defend this country. Due to Amalga’s long-standing experience with composites and our extensive, available stock, we have the capacity to work with you to swiftly create a customized solution for any challenges you may encounter with the development of your Military/ Launch Tubes product.

Case Studies

Amalga is all about custom solutions– let’s start the process of making custom solutions for you!