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under pressure.

The industry of low pressure air tanks has broad applications. Products in this industry need to be able to withstand high internal pressure levels, and be capable of holding a range of liquids, compressed gases, cryogens, and propellants. With these substances having the potential to be volatile, it is important that the tanks be expertly designed to ensure that the contents are properly contained. These tanks require a design that is durable, but also lightweight enough for transportation and assembly purposes. Amalga can address these issues and many more with our selection of customizable composite options.

Why are composite solutions best for the low pressure air tanks industry?

Every company we work with has a unique problem they are trying to solve. When it comes to low pressure air tanks, you need an end product that can withstand a certain amount of pressure, resist corrosion, and handle combustible gasses, etc. Composites allow for a variety of combinations of materials that address every potential need of a manufacturer. In Amalga’s case, we offer three composite choices: fiberglass, carbon fiber, and kevlar/ aramid fiber. These custom-made solutions are specially designed to address different weight and strength considerations, operating pressures, and tank sizes. With the ability to address all of these concerns, Amalga’s composite tubing raises the standard of low pressure air tanks in this industry, while being more inexpensive than costly steel.

Why Amalga?

Due to Amalga’s long-standing experience with composites and our extensive, available stock, we have the capacity to work with you to swiftly create a customized solution for any challenges you may encounter with the development of your Low Pressure Air Tank product. We have the capacity to manufacture low pressure air tanks from start to finish, or provide the tubes necessary to complete manufacturing.

Case Studies

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