When Speed and Performance Matter

The aftermarket drive shaft industry is designed to meet the needs of consumers who are obsessed with speed and performance. The shaft needs to be stiff, the components strong, and the entire build must be lightweight.

Carbon fiber is relatively new to drive shafts,
but it is far superior to steel and aluminum in every way.

Stiffer & Stronger




Amalga offers custom solutions and, in partnership with our sister company –
Composite Drivelines – we offer a complete system for carbon fiber drive shafts, driveline products, and bond yokes for the automotive aftermarket.

Why Amalga?

Due to Amalga’s long standing experience with composites and our extensive, available stock, we have the capacity to work with you to swiftly create a customized solution to solve any challenges you may encounter. Our solution is turn key, backed by 55+ years of carbon fiber experiences, and 25+ years of research and testing.

Why are composite solutions the best for the automotive industry?

Carbon fiber composites are lightweight, yet extremely strong– much stronger than the steel that is typically used for automotive equipment. The superior stiffness and strength of composites to steel means that they are an extremely viable alternative, without the dangerous and failure-prone qualities that make the use of steel problematic. Steel and aluminum wreak havoc on a vehicle when they fail, and can be incredibly dangerous to the driver. Carbon Fiber shreds like a broom, keeping the driver and the vehicle safe.

Case Studies

Amalga is all about custom solutions

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